Whispers in the Night

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Colours so warm as the summer sun invades, You are there, you are there, Words you spoke in the night sustain me through the day, You are there, you are there.

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Now look at it. It has rotted so very quickly that it had to be covered up. We think there are bad drains down below there. The air all around is quite foul. Ms Talmur gags suddenly and gropes in her pocket for her hankie. She turns her head away and I gaze in horror at the swarming mass of dank vegetation at our feet.

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The soil is a moving mound of brown and green slime. It is crawling with maggots.

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I had no idea it had reached that state. Now that the tree is down everything around it is dying.

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Decay is creeping out from its base in an ever-widening circle. The grass edges of the nearby avenues are turning brown.

Further down the wall the tiny spring flowers wedged in the rocks have lost their blooms. They are supposed to deter evil spirits. She laughs, a shrill cawing, like the rooks in the tall trees of the wood.

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We go through the gate at the end. Professor Miller stops to re-lock the padlock.

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I watch him do it. Then I remember something. Who or what wants the gate left unlocked and why? There may be a problem. It will be in the local newspaper this week anyway.

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I will have to do a search of the Burial Register in Glasgow before we commence exhumations. There were bodies of over a hundred years old removed from a graveyard at Christchurch in Spitalfields in London fairly recently. When the virus was taken from the smallpox scabs it was found to be non-viable. So, we will have to make the area more secure before we can begin opening the graves and moving the cadavers.

Perhaps erect a fence and employ security guards. It appears that youths hang around here after dark.

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Whispers in the Night: Stories of the Mysterious & Macabre is a collection of horror, suspense and science fiction short stories by author Basil Copper. Whispers in the Night is looking like an amazing new VR experience from Fable that lets you speak with a "virtual being" named Lucy.

He packed it in the other night. Said he heard noises, saw things.

Out of a bottle probably. Then his dog ran off. A big mangy brute of an animal.