The Gospel of Hellas

The Gospel of Hellas the Mission of Ancient Greece and the Advent of Christ by Frederick Hiebel
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We attempt to present to the participant as many varieties of the wild flora of Greece as possible. There are many typical, local species and many rare and prototype species that we will meet on this journey. Through close knowledge of our natural environment, we become more clearly aware of the importance of the plants and forests in our life. A small selection of culture centers at the country side — in combination with the modern metropolises of the Mediterranean area all with charmful landscapes as background.

The Meteora monasteries built on steep rocks, the ancient city of Olympia and the outstanding ancient theatre in Epidauros belong to the main attractions of Greece. Paul of Tarsus, who called himself the Apostle to the Gentiles together with Simon Peter were the most notable Early Christian missionaries.

Unlike the Twelve Apostles, Paul did not know Jesus in life but, according to Acts of the Apostles, was converted by a miracle on the Road to Damascus. He was the second most prolific contributor to the New Testament, after Luke the Evangelist. Fourteen letters are attributed to him, with varying degrees of confidence. His letters are arguably the oldest part of the New Testament.

His letters are largely written to churches which he had founded or visited; he was a great traveller, visiting Cyprus, Asia Minor modern Turkey , mainland Greece, Crete, and Rome bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ, first to Jews and then to Gentiles. The holy Mt. Tc mcssagc ol God in thc ld Tcstamcnt is thc ivinc Law.

Tc gods ol thc Grcck mythology, howcvcr, ncvcr disclosc thcmsclvcs as thc crcators ol thc human bcing. Tc Grcck mythology docs not rcvcal a divinc law and lound a moral doctrinc, thc conccpts ol thc gods wcrc thc rcsult ol mans pcrccption in naturc, but a naturc quitc dicrcnt lrom ours. Judgmcnt is oltcn dicult whcn wc arc conlrontcd by thc human lcaturcs and attributcs ol thc gods.

Vhat is thc import ol thc myths which tcll us, lor cxamplc, that Zcus, bcsidcs bcgctting, by Hcra, Arcs, Hcphaistus and Hcbc, also progcncratcd Pcrscphonc by cmctcr, Aphroditc by ionc, Hcrmcs by Maya, Apollo and Artcmis by Lcto, approachcd Lcda as a swan, anac as a showcr ol gold and uropa as a bull:! Tcsc thrcc soul qualitics wcrc thc roots lrom which philosophy and natural scicncc, drama and poctry, music and dancc, architccturc and sculpturc, in short thc cntirc mcssagc ol thc Hcllcncs, sprang.

Tcrclorc, thc gods, who arc dcscribcd as dcvoid ol thcsc thrcc human qualitics, wcrc dicrcnt lrom mcrc idcalizations ol mortals. Tc gods rcally livcd on carth, not in thc timc ol Hcllas, it is truc, but in thc pcriod that Plato rccognizcd as Atlantis.


Tc rst gcncration ol thc Grcck gods wcrc thc crcators ol our solar systcm. Whilst this instant valuation provides a guideline, your local Hellas Helvetia property expert will be in touch to provide a more accurate valuation taking into account improvements to your property, the local market and more. Tc sccrs and initiatcs rcvcalcd thc gods. Tis stirrcd thc wrath ol Zcus, who saw it as a thrcat to his rcign, so hc chaincd Promcthcus to thc Caucasian rock. Tc colonization ol thc!

Tcy passcd through a prc historical cxistcncc as thc lorcrunncrs ol man and thcrclorc as his lcadcrs, at a timc bclorc thc lrccdom ol thc individuality was born. Vhcn Plato in his dialogucs, Timaeus and Critias, spokc ol Atlantis, hc only rcvivcd in thc languagc ol dialcctic discussion what had prcviously bccn known to thc pricsts and sccrs ol thc Grcck mystcrics who had thcir insight through thc tcachcrs ol thc wisdom ol gypt. Platos anccstor was thc inspircd lawgivcr Solon, who livcd about nc in Athcns.

Plutarch tclls us: His rst voyagc was lor gypt, and hc livcd and spcnt somc timc in study with Pscnophis ol Hcliopolis, and Sonchis thc Saitc, thc most lcarncd ol all thc pricsts, lrom whom, as Plato says, gctting knowlcdgc ol thc Atlantis story, hc put it into a pocm, and proposcd to bring it to thc knowlcdgc ol thc Grccks.

Plato in his Timaeus tclls us thc story which Critias mcntioncd to Socratcs about Solon in gypt: Solon askcd thc pricsts, who wcrc most skilllul in such mattcrs, about antiquity, and madc thc discovcry that ncithcr hc nor any othcr Hcllcnc, kncw anything worth mcntioning about thc timcs ol old.

Tcrcupon, onc ol thc pricsts, who was ol vcry grcat agc, said: Solon, Solon, you Hcllcncs arc but childrcn, and thcrc is ncvcr an old man who is an Hcllcnc. Solon, hcaring this, said, Vhat do you mcan:!

The Gospel of Hellas

For, in thc rst placc, you rcmcmbcr onc dclugc only thc cvcnts ol cucalion! F or thcrc was a timc, Solon, bclorc that grcatcst dclugc ol all thc catastrophc conncctcd with thc namcs ol Noah and Manu , whcn thc city which is now Athcns was prccmincnt lor thc cxccllcncc ol hcr laws Tc myths ol thc Grccks, howcvcr, tcll us in thc lorm ol imaginations about thc unlolding ol thc carth and thc human body, thcy rcvcal to us cosmology and physiology. Tc mythology ol Hcllas is, in lact, thc only truc palcontology ol Atlantis.

Tc rst stagc was thc cpoch whcn our globc was still unicd in onc sphcrc with all thc cclcstial bodics ol thc solar systcm. Tc sccond stagc ol gcology is oltcn rclcrrcd to as Hypcrborca. Tcrc was by this timc a duality ol thc sun and thc carth sphcrc. Tc cpoch ol Lcmuria, whcn a trinity ol cclcstial bodics appcarcd in Sun, Moon and arth, markcd thc third stagc ol gcological cvolution. Tis trinity is rccctcd in thc rcligion ol ancicnt gypt which pointcd to thc divinc triad ol siris sun ,!

Tc lourth stagc ol thc carths unloldmcnt, cmbracing what gcology rclcrs to as thc cnd ol thc Palacozoic and thc wholc ol thc Mcsozoic cras, was thc world ol Atlantis. At that stagc thc carth had bccomc a globc among thc multitudc ol plancts, moons and xcd stars. Tcrc wcrc oraclcs ol thc sun, ol thc moon and ol all thc planctary sphcrcs. Tc oraclcs oraculum mcans litcrally mouthpiccc or lips ol thc gods rcvcalcd thc wisdom ol thc gods in thc manilold sphcrcs ol thc solar systcm.

Tcrclorc thc myths hcr rcligion rcvcalcd wcrc not a unity as in! Tcy rcvcalcd a plurality, a rcligious conccption ol polythcism. Tc picturc, thc rcality, is thc stagc ol Atlantis. Grcck tradition locatcd thc island on which lympus was situatcd in thc lar Vcst, in thc occan bcyond Alrica, on thc wcstcrn boundary ol thc known world and whcrc thc mighty Atlas hcld up thc hcavcns. And Plato tclls us that thc land whcrc Poscidon and Atlas rulcd was Atlantis. Tc powcrlul Atlas who stood as a giant upon thc wcstcrn conncs ol thc carth supportcd thc hcavcns on his shouldcrs in a rcgion ol thc Vcst whcrc thc sun continucd to shinc altcr hc had sct upon Grcccc.

Atlas, ruling in Atlantis, rcvcalcd cvcn through his namc thc conncction with thc sunkcn contincnt now covcrcd by thc Atlantic ccan. Tc mythology ol Grcccc is rcally a history ol thc kings ol Atlantis. Tc Grcck hcavcn was Atlantis T hc history ol Atlantis could bc in part rcconstructcd out ol thc mythology ol Grcccc. Plato in his Cratylus lct Socratcs spcak ol thc gods: My notion would bc that thc sun, moon and stars, carth and hcavcn, which arc still thc gods ol many barbarians, wcrc thc only gods known to thc aboriginal Hcllcncs Vhat shall lollow thc gods: Must not dcmons and hcrocs and mcn comc ncxt: Considcr thc rcal mcaning ol thc word dcmons.

You know Hcsiod uscs thc word. Hc spcaks ol a goldcn racc ol mcn who camc rst. Hc says ol thcm: But now that fate has closed over this race Tey are holy demons upon earth, Benecient averters of ills, guardians of mortal men. Hcrc Plato hintcd at thc gradual dwindling away ol thc gods as thc rulcrs ol thc world. Hc spokc ol thc dusk or twilight ol thc gods, bccausc wc arc in thc agc ol iron, strickcn with blindncss ol thc soul through thc loss ol thc last vcstigc ol our clairvoyant vision.

Cognition ol thc gods, howcvcr, was a continuous mystical proccss within thc mystcrics. Tc sccrs and initiatcs rcvcalcd thc gods. Tc mystics cxpcricnccd thc rcality ol thc gods as a projcction ol macrocosmic lorccs in light or lilc, watcr or carth, lightning or thundcr. Yct thcsc lorccs ol thc cosmos also had thcir countcrparts within man as thc microcosm and taught him to imaginc thcm as architccts ol thc organs ol his body and ol thc lacultics ol his soul. Tc mystic bccamc initiatcd into thc sccrcts ol thc sanctuarics ol a divinity whcn hc cxpcricnccd thc actual birth ol a god within his own soul.

Tc knowlcdgc ol thc rclationship and kinship among divinitics was a mystical and not a bodily cxpcricncc. Tc cxpcricncc ol thc spirit was always rccognizcd as a patcrnal inucncc, that ol thc soul as matcrnal. For this rcason thc truc vicw ol mythology is inscparably linkcd with thc world ol oraclcs and mystcrics in which thc gods wcrc rcvcalcd through thc souls ol thc sccrs. Tc Grccks tcll us ol thrcc gcncrations ol gods who rulcd in succcssion.

Tcsc thrcc gcncrations ol Uranus and Gaia, Kronus and Rhca, Zcus and Hcra and all thcir childrcn arc linkcd with thc storics ol thc Goldcn, Silvcr and 8ronzc Agcs which havc to do with thc statcs ol consciousncss in which thc human bcing could approach thcm. Tc rst gcncration ol thc Grcck gods wcrc thc crcators ol our solar systcm. Tcir myths prcscnt an aspcct ol cosmology.

Gaia unitcd hcrscll with Uranus, hcavcn, whom shc brought to birth and with whom shc builds a cosmic unity. Uranus and Gaia crcatcd thc Titans through whom thc rst dicrcntiation took placc. Tc twclvc Titans rcprcscntcd thc sum ol thc cosmic lorccs. Trough thc twclvc Titans and thcir unions and marriagcs among onc anothcr, thc stars and thc clcmcnts appcarcd in thcir rotation and lilc. Trough thc union ol kcanus and Tctis thc kcanidcs wcrc born, thc world ol watcr. Tc ospring ol Kroius and Phoibc wcrc Lcto, thc night, and Astcria, thc starry sky.

Tc childrcn ol Hypcrion and Tcia wcrc Sclcnc, moon, Hclios, sun, and os, dawn. Tc carly Grccks saw not only thc cxtcrnal lorms ol naturc but also thcir inncr lilc and movcmcnt. Tc winds, thc dawn, thc night, thc sca and thc rain, thc stars, thc sun and thc moon wcrc to thcm actual cntitics, living, divinc bcings. Tc Grccks pcrsonalizcd thcm by giving thcm namcsLcto, os, Astcria and thc rcst. Tis thcy did, not as a mcrc imaginativc pcrsonication but through actual pcrccption ol thc manilcstations ol thc movcmcnt and mctamorphoscs ol thc lorccs ol naturc.

Tc agc during which Uranus and Gaia rulcd with thc hclp ol thc twclvc Titans signicd a particular stagc in thc carths cvolution conncctcd with thc rst cpochs ol thc coming into bcing ol our globc.

Tcsc spiritual bcings wantcd to prcscrvc thcir consciousncss according to thc carlicst stagc ol thc carth cvolution. Tis causcd thc opposition ol thc youngcr gcncration. Among thc twclvc Titans Kronus was thc youngcst. And it was Kronus, Uranus youngcst son, who ovcrcamc his lathcr with thc hclp ol Gaia, Mothcr arth. Kronus succccdcd Uranus just as Lcmuria lollowcd Hypcrborca. Uranus was conncctcd with thc twclvchood, which undcrlics spacc. Kronus and Rhca who wcrc considcrcd as a spiritual unit by rcason ol thcir parcnthood appcarcd with thcir six childrcnHcstia, cmctcr, Hcra, Hadcs, Poscidon and Zcusin conncction with thc numbcr scvcn.

Tc numbcr scvcn always indicatcs rhythm and timc, and thc namc Kronus chronos, timc mcans litcrally thc ruling ol Timc. Tc youngcst child ol Kronus was Zcus, and hcrc again was rcbcllion against thc lathcr. Zcus and his gcncration took ovcr thc lcadcrship lrom Kronus and Rhca as Atlantis lollowcd Lcmuria.

Tc volcanic lorccs ol Lcmuria with thcir carthquakcs and cataclysms nally calmcd down and wcrc chaincd whcn Zcus thrcw thc Titans and Cyclopcs into Tartarus. Zcus and thc othcr lympians rulcd and livcd as Atlantcans. Tc sccond gcncration ol thc gods Kronus and Rhca wcrc thc rcprcscntativcs ol a theogony. Zcus and thc lympians bccamc thc gurcs in a mythology. Hcncc wc havc thrcc lcading divinitics: Zcus, his son Apollo, and his daughtcr, Athcna, thrcc lurthcr sons ol Zcus, Hcrmcs, Arcs and Hcphaistus, and thrcc :nv :wiiicn: ov :nv cobs othcr daughtcrs, Aphroditc, Artcmis and Hcstia, thrcc Moirac, thrcc Horac and thrcc Charitac, thrcc rinycs, Mcgara, Alccto and Tisiphonc, and, nally, ninc thricc thrcc muscs around Apollo on Mount Parnassus.

Tc numbcr thrcc dominatcd thc wholc Hcllcnic lilc as lar as it was still conncctcd with thc impulscs ol thc lympians.

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Tc govcrnmcnt ol thc world was dividcd among thc thrcc sons ol Kronus: Zcus rulcd in thc air and cnlightcncd thc soulconsciousncss ol man, Poscidon rulcd ovcr thc watcrs and workcd within thc lilclorccs ol thc human body, Hadcs was king ol thc world ol mattcr and thc ncthcrworld and was cxpcricnccd as thc hardcning and imprisoning lorccs in thc physical body ol man. Tc gods, who with thcir picturcconsciousncss wcrc thc Atlantcans, had gradually to rcsign lrom thc lcadcrship ol mankind in ordcr that man might unlold thc consciousncss ol scnscpcrccption and logical rcason.

Tc gods had to dic within thc soul ol man. Tc soul cut hcrscll o lrom thc imagination ol thc divinc, shc stood alonc. Hcr cxpcricncc now was thc twilight ol thc gods, thc rst rcsult ol sunkcn Atlantis and thc bcginning ol thc agc ol! Man was lclt solitary and would havc bccn complctcly lost in thc wildcrncss ol thc ark Agc had hc not had lcadcrs who could act as mcdiators and pionccrs ol thc dawn ol scllconsciousncss. Tcsc mcdiators wcrc thc Hcrocs, thc sons ol gods and ol mortal womcn. Tcy livcd as thc initiators ol mans scllconsciousncss in thc carly agc ol postAtlantis.

Tc bringcr ol individuality, prcccding all thc othcr dcmigods and hcrocs, was Promcthcus. Vho was Promcthcus:! Yct hc himscll, a Titan, rcbcllcd against his brothcr Kronus and cast him down, thus hclping Zcus to his domination.

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Promcthcus was always a rcvolutionist. His aim was to lurthcr thc dcvclopmcnt ol consciousncss. Hc ncvcr wantcd to rcmain at thc cxisting stagc ol cvolution. Promcthcus was thc bringcr ol light and rc to mortals. Hc was thc Grcck Lucilcr, thc Lightbringcr and Fircbcarcr. Hc was, in truth, thc ospring ol all thrcc gcncrations ol gods, but hc surpasscd thcm in bringing to mankind a gilt which thc lympians wcrc unablc to givc: thc possibility ol lrccdom ol thc cgo through thc light ol knowlcdgc and thc crcation ol art: Eleutheria!

PromcthcusLucilcr is thus conncctcd with thc origin ol thc human scll. Tc cgo was alrcady crcatcd at thc vcry bcginning ol thc carths dcvclopmcnt, but slumbcrcd within thc bosom ol thc gods. Tc cgo participatcd unconsciously in thc dccds ol Uranus and Gaia, it abodc in thc rcalm ol Kronus and Rhca, it took part in thc govcrnmcnt ol Zcus. Zcus wishcd to cxtcrminatc thc human racc bccausc ol its pridc and impicty. To Promcthcus and his brothcr pimcthcus was givcn thc task ol distributing gilts to thc human racc to makc thcsc mortals morc amiablc toward Zcus.

Promcthcus stolc rc lrom thc workshop ol Hcphaistus and Athcnathc will clcmcnt and thc light ol intcllcct within scllhoodand brought with it thc arts and scicnccs to tcach man how to writc, to wcigh and to mcasurc. Tis stirrcd thc wrath ol Zcus, who saw it as a thrcat to his rcign, so hc chaincd Promcthcus to thc Caucasian rock. Tc wrath ol Zcus pourcd out upon thc hcad ol Promcthcus is translormcd through thc sacricc and lovc, thc pity and compassion ol Hcraclcs, who lrccd him. Lovc and compassion, rcpcntancc and conscicncc wcrc thc powcrs ol thc cgo ol man which thc lympians lackcd. Promcthcus, who brought rc to man, in his lovc and compassion lor mortals, dcvclopcd thc truly human laculty, scllconsciousncss, and thus bccamc alicnatcd lrom thc gods ol lympus.

Hc bccamc thc lcadcr ol thc human cgo as thc spirit ol lrccdom and lovc, guiding mankind lrom thc dusk ol thc gods to thc dawn ol thc scll. Hc was thc pattcrn lor all dcmigods, thc lathcr ol all hcrocs, just as Zcus was callcd thc :nv :wiiicn: ov :nv cobs lathcr ol all gods. Vhcn Alcxandcr thc Grcat, at thc cnd ol his conqucst ol thc world, rcachcd thc two columns in thc North that Hcraclcs had built on thc boundary ol Atlantis, and thcn lcd his army to! Hcraclcs was thc archctypc ol thc lilc cxpcricncc ol thc Hcllcnic man.

Yct all thc Grccks considcrcd thcmsclvcs childrcn ol Hcraclcs, and thc orians who, through thcir migration ushcrcd in thc history ol Hcllas, wcrc callcd thc rcturning Hcraclidac. Vhcncc camc Hcraclcs: Vhcrcin lics his univcrsal importancc lor thc lilc ol Hcllas: Hc is thc hcro par cxccllcncc among such hcrocs or dcmigods as rphcus, Pcrscus, Tcscus, Minos, Tantalus, Kckrops, rion and Sisyphus, all Promcthcan lcadcrs ol mankind.

Tc problcm ol modcrn rcscarch in thcology and mythology is that it is inclincd to look at thc myths cithcr lrom thc point ol vicw ol thc skcpticism ol matcrialism as mcrc crcations ol lantasy or lrom an anthropological standpoint as symbols ol tribal, cthnological and scxual associations.

Tcrc is an intcrcsting study 49 about Hcraclcs and Christ which points out parallcls bctwccn thcsc two livcs in rcgard to thcir birth, tcmptation, passion and dcath. Tc comparison is surprising. Hcrods hatrcd which lcd to his ordcr to kill thc childrcn may bc comparcd with Hcras jcalousy which scnt thc scrpcnt to thc inlant Hcraclcs.

As Jcsus rcccivcs his divinc mcssagc in thc synagoguc, so Hcraclcs, in communion with thc god ol clphi, rcccivcs thc command to pcrlcct his labor in ordcr to attain immortality. Tc story ol Hcraclcs at thc crossroad whcn hc had to choosc bctwccn a lilc ol casc and scllindulgcncc and onc ol arduous cndcavor and sucring bcars a ccrtain similarity to thc Ncw Tcstamcnt story ol thc tcmptation, passion, dcath and glorication ol Jcsus Christ.

Tc myth ol Hcraclcs, tracing its origin back to thc timc ol Atlantis, was a lorccast ol thc coming ol mans cgoconsciousncss. Tus thc story ol Hcraclcs, wovcn into thc wcb ol dcstiny ol thc Hcllcncs, is to bc undcrstood not as a talc ol thc advcnturcs ol a hcro but as dcpicting through thc Grcck mystcrics thc unlolding ol thc human soul.

Hcraclcs was involvcd in thc ght against monstcrs and dragons, giants and Titans until hc attaincd pcrlcction, thc immortality ol thc spirit within thc mortal body, which is actually initiation. Tc twclvc labors ol Hcraclcs rcprcscntcd thc task ol ovcrcoming thc hcritagc lrom Atlantis. Tcy wcrc likc a ycar with its twclvc months undcr thc aspccts ol thc signs ol thc zodiac. Tcy wcrc thc tcmptations and trials which had to bc undcrgonc by man as hc stands in thc univcrsc. Tc twclvc labors wcrc: thc ght with thc lion ol Ncmca, thc slaying ol thc Hydra, thc killing ol thc rymanthian boar, thc capturc ol thc hind ol Artcmis, thc cxpulsion ol thc Stymphalic birds, thc clcaning ol thc Augcan stablc, thc advcnturcs with thc bull ol Crctc and thc horscs ol iomcdcs, thc ght lor thc bclt ol Hippolyta, quccn ol thc Amazons, and lor thc cattlc ol thc giant, Gcryon, thc qucst lor thc applcs ol thc Hcspcridcs conncctcd with initiation into thc lcusinia, thc libcration ol Promcthcus, and, nally, thc dcsccnt to thc ncthcrworld to bring up thc thrcchcadcd hcllhound, Ccrbcrus.

All twclvc labors arc probations and tcsts which thc way ol initiation rcquircd, thc last two rcvcaling thc charactcr ol initiation dircctly. Tc twclvc labors can bc dividcd into lour groups, in cach ol which Hcraclcs :nv :wiiicn: ov :nv cobs has to dcvclop onc ol thosc virtucs dcscribcd by Plato as couragc, prcscncc ol mind, justicc and wisdom. Tc dangcr during thc dcvclopmcnt ol man in Atlantis was that hc might rcmain at a lconinc, birdlikc or bovinc stagc ol body. Tc lorccs ol bull and lion workcd ovcrwhclmingly lrom thc tcrrcstrial sphcrc. Tc birdlikc lorccs workcd lrom thc cosmic surroundings.

Tc dccds ol Hcraclcs rcvcal that hc ovcrcamc thc tcmptation to yicld to that which would havc madc man into a crcaturc ol bulllionandcaglclikc naturc instcad ol thc highcr bcing hc was intcndcd to bccomc. Hcraclcs solvcd thc riddlc ol thc Sphinx which was a gcnuinc vision ol thc stagc ol human dcvclopmcnt during Atlantis. Tc most signicant distinction bctwccn Hcraclcs and thc othcr hcrocs lics in thc last two tcsts and labors which hc had to undcrgo and pcrlorm.

The Hellenistic World: The World of Alexander the Great - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Vhcn hc had comc through gypt, Libya, and Acthiopia into thc rcalm ol thc Hypcrborcans, hc gaincd thc initiation ol lcusis. At that stagc ol dcvclopmcnt hc was at last ablc to lrcc Promcthcus on thc Caucasus Mountain. Hcraclcs is undoubtcdly linkcd with thc cnd ol Atlantis. Tc myth has him sct up thc pillars ol Hcraclcs, which on thc onc sidc arc known as thc Atlas Mountains, on thc othcr as thc Rock ol Gibraltar.

Hcraclcs way to thc Hcspcridcs, daughtcrs ol Atlas, lcd to thc rcgion ol thc Vcst in Grcck, Hesperus, and Latin, Vesper is thc origin ol thc word Vcst , whcrc lay thc island in thc occan which was Atlantis. Tc tcnth ol his labors was thc carrying o ol thc cattlc ol Gcryon. Tc namc Gcryon mcans thc rcd glow ol thc sunsct, and his abodc was rythca, in thc rcmotc wcst, bcyond thc pillars ol Hcraclcs.

Mount Caucasus rcprcscntcd thc oppositc ol thc pillars ol Hcraclcs, lor it was thc cntrancc into thc ncw world, into Asia, thc cradlc ol mankind altcr thc dclugc. Hcraclcs, who lrccd Promcthcus by shooting thc vulturc which gnawcd at his livcr, is signicant as thc hcro who livcd during thc transition bctwccn two cpochsthat ol thc past ol Atlantis and that ol thc dawn ol Hcllas.

Tis position makcs him thc outstanding hcro ol thc nation ol Hcllas, bccausc it was thc dcstiny ol thc Hcllcncs to bring this transition about. Tc twcllth labor was thc bringing up ol thc thrcchcadcd hcllhound, Ccrbcrus. Tis signicd thc cnd ol Hcraclcs way to initiation. Ccrbcrus guardcd thc cntrancc to thc ncthcrworld, which mcans thc rcalm ol thc dcad, thc spiritual world. Tc dog with his thrcc hcads portrays thc cvil distortion and abcrration ol thc soul in thinking, lccling and willing. Altcr his victory ovcr Ccrbcrus, Hcraclcs, as a mortal, is ablc to cntcr thc rcalm ol thc immortals.

Tus hc attains immortality which mcans initiation. Tc words which Homcrs Hcraclcs spcaks to dysscus in thc ncthcrworld not only mark thc turning point in thc wandcrings ol dysscus, thcy arc thc motto which might stand at thc outsct ol thc story ol thc lilc ol cach Hcllcnc: You, poor man, must work out a crucl task such as!

Hc cvcn scnt mc hcrc to carry o thc dog, lor nothing hc supposcd could bc hardcr labor. Hcrmcs was my guidc, hc and clcarcycd Athcna. Hcrmcs lcads to thc world ol within, Athcna shows thc world ol without. Hcrmcs lcads to dcath and thc rcalm ol Hadcs, Athcna points to thc bcauty ol thc scnscs and thc wisdom ol thought. Hcrmcs and Athcna togcthcr bring about thc initiation ol man, opcning his cycs toward thc wondcrs ol thc world and his cars to thc sccrcts ol thc soul.

Tc cnd ol thc lilc ol Hcraclcs, his sucrings, his battlc with thc Ccntaur, his dcath by conagration and nally his apothcosis as son ol Zcus point to :nv :wiiicn: ov :nv cobs thc cxpcricncc ol thc soul in struggling against thc dangcrs and tcmptations ol Atlantcan cmbodimcnt to which thc ccntaur bclongcd. Man had to strugglc with thc ccntaurnaturc within himscll. As Hcraclcs lought, so all his lollowcrs had to ght. Tcsc hcrocs rcprcscnt a gcncalogy rcminding us ol thc dcsccnt ol man into thc world ol mattcr.

Tcy arc rcprcscntativcs ol thosc souls who wcrc considcrcd sons ol Zcus, conncctcd with thc divinc world, but who gradually lorlcitcd thcir rclationship with thc world ol thc gods. Tantalus, thc son ol Zcus, bctrays thc sccrcts ol thosc divinc oncs at whosc tablc on lympus hc oncc sat.

Tc dccd was donc in pridc and vanity, not in thc spirit ol sacricc as was shown by Agamcmnon whcn hc was willing to ocr up his daughtcr,! Tantalus rcprcscnts thc tragcdy ol thc awakcning ol thc intcllcct, thc cursc ol knowlcdgc arising in thc soul blindcd through its loss ol clairvoyancc.

Tc pains and sucrings ol Tantalus in thc ncthcrworld may bc said to rcprcscnt thc risc ol thc intcllcct with its dangcrs ol trcachcry, cunning and doubt. Minos, thc mythical king ol Cnossus on Crctc, was a dcmigod, too, a son ol Zcus and uropa. Tc island ol Crctc has always bccn associatcd with thc imaginations ol sunkcn Atlantis. Crctc is a link with thc prchistoric agc ol Hcllas.

Tcrc is no doubt that thc cults ol thc bull which ourishcd thcrc wcrc rcmnants ol Atlantis. Tc myth tclls us that Poscidon, with Atlas, thc rulcr ovcr Atlantis, scnt to Minos a whitc bull lor sacricc, but Minos kcpt him alivc. Minos, a bringcr and lcadcr ol thc intcllcct, had to lacc thc problcm ol Atlantis: man in thc strugglc against animality.


Archcological rcscarch providcs two datcs lor Minos, onc in thc ltccnth and onc in thc thirtccnth ccntury nc, probably thc mythical Minos was both anccstor and archctypc ol thosc rulcrs whom rcscarch into prchistory assigns to thc thrcc socallcd Minoan pcriods. Assuming that Minos, King ol Cnossus on Crctc, ourishcd simultancously with thc gyptian pharaohs, Amcnhotcp!!!

Tc labyrinth was an invcntion ol thc cunning and intcllcct ol thc Athcnian architcct, acdalus. Tis labyrinth is rcprcscntcd on ancicnt coins ol Cnossus with scvcn walls on cach ol thc lour sidcs. Four timcs scvcn walls is twcntycight, thc numbcr that points to thc moon and its rcvolution around thc carth. As thc moon rcccts sunlight, so thc brain mirrors thoughts. Tc labyrinth was a symbol ol thc brain with its convolutions. Tc human bcing, likc thc Athcnian youths and maidcns, may lall victim to Minotaur or hc may bccomc victor through thc thrcads ol Ariadnc, thus ovcrcoming cntanglcmcnt with thc labyrinth.

Tc imagc ol wings attachcd to a man should bc sccn with thc poctic cyc ol mythological pcrccption and not with thc litcral cyc ol thc tcchnician. Tis was thc victory ol rcason. Yct thc pricc had to bc paid in thc dcath ol his son,! Likc Phacton disobcying his lathcr Hclios,!

Pridc and conccit wcrc thc lorccs which lcd to abusc ol thc intcllcct. Tc dcath ol!

Tcscus who rclcascd thcm complctcd thc dccd ol acdalus. Tc principlc ol thc son is always conncctcd with thc awakcning ol thc cgo. Tis 8lack Sca country was also thc sccnc ol thc myth ol thc goldcn cccc, that rclic ol thc goldcn agc ol mankinds consciousncss which Hcraclcs and his hcrocs wishcd to rcgain. Shc did not bccomc thc wilc ol Achillcs, instcad shc causcd thc lall ol Troy and thc dcath ol Laocoon, who with his sons was killcd by thc scrpcnt ol thc sca.

Laocoons dcath is thc last cvcnt in thc gathcring shadows surrounding Atlantis and in thc dcclinc ol that clairvoyancc which was bascd on thc blood tics ol thc lamily. Not only thc pricst, Laocoon, but also his ospring, thc strcam ol inhcritcd bloodtics, had to bc dcstroycd bclorc thc dawn ol thc ncw agc ol man.

Rathcr abovc ground would! Tc agc ol arkncss, Kali Yuga or cucalion sct in. Achillcs, thc last ol thc hcrocs and dcmigods, sharcd his dcstiny with Minos and Tantalus, Tcscus and Hcraclcs. Tcy wcrc lorcrunncrs ol mans consciousncss ol thc cgo which had bccn cnkindlcd by thc rc ol Promcthcus. Hc rcprcscntcd thc agc ol arkncss as his namc rcvcals, lor it consists ol thc word deus god and kalion darkncss. Tc ood which is linkcd with cucalion must not bc undcrstood as thc dcclinc ol Atlantis but rathcr as its nal conscqucncc.

Tc cvcnt was cxpcricnccd within thc consciousncss ol thc soul rathcr than in outward commotion and changc ol landscapc. Tc ancicnt tradition ol thc Hindus indicatcd a particular datc, nc, lor thc vcry outsct ol this agc ol iron and darkncss. Tis datc coincidcs with thc bcginning ol thc rst dynastics ol gypt, during which wcrc built thc pyramids ncar Mcmphis, and with thc wandcring ol Abraham who lcd thc!

Stcincr points out that it was Abraham who rst transmittcd, physically, through hcrcdity, thc brain that cnablcd thc human bcing to dcvclop thc laculty ol abstract thinking which gradually rcplaccd thc gilt ol clairvoyancc. Similar lacultics ol mathcmatical and abstract rcasoning wcrc at work whcn thc gyptians built thcir pyramids. Tc rst and highcst ol all thc pyramids was that ol Pharaoh Chcops which was crcctcd cxactly at thc bcginning ol thc ncw pcriod ol culturc whcn thc sun rosc undcr thc vcrnal cquinox ol Taurus, nc.

Tis datc is closcly conncctcd with thc bcginning ol Kali Yuga nc , so that wc may say: Tc pyramid ol Chcops was an indcstructiblc monumcnt to thc sum ol ancicnt wisdom at thc thrcshold ol thc ark Agc. Tc way in which it was constructcd originatcd not only lrom mathcmatical thinking but lrom thc ncw laculty lor crcating works ol art. As Chcops guidcd thc gyptians and Abraham thc Hcbrcws, so cucalion was thc lcadcr ol thc Hcllcncs. Tus thc ncw agc ol mankind bcgan on Mount Parnassus undcr thc clis ol which thc shrinc ol clphi was crcctcd as thc placc which thc Hcllcncs, thc childrcn ol cucalion, bclicvcd to bc thc navcl ol thc carth.

Tc sanctuary ol clphi, indccd, markcd thc ccntcr ol lilc in Hcllas and it 6 :nv :wiiicn: ov :nv cobs bccamc thc stagc lor thc ultimatc transition lrom myth to history. Tc Hcllcncs, as thc ospring ol cucalion, livcd at thc bcginning ol thc agc ol darkncss, yct thc ccntcr ol thcir inspiration and ol thcir spiritual guidancc was unitcd with thc oraclcword ol Apollo in clphi.

Apollos dccd had to do with thc cra ol Atlantis, and thc slaughtcr ol thc monstcr who guardcd thc wcll ol Castaly was conncctcd with Atlantcan dcvclopmcnt. Tc ght ol Apollo against thc dragon, Python, is ol lar grcatcr importancc than all thc strugglcs and battlcs ol thc othcr gods, dcmigods and hcrocs which camc bclorc or lollowcd. Stcincr rcvcalcd that Apollo was onc ol thosc bcings who was ablc to act as mcsscngcr and lorcrunncr ol thc impulsc ol Christ.

As thc Hcbrcws spokc ol thc archangcl, Michacl, as thc lacc ol Jchovah, so thc sccrs ol Hcllas kncw that in Apollo livcd and spokc a similar light and voicc. Tc thrcc timcs thrcc muscs who accompanicd Apollo on Mount Parnassus wcrc thc rcprcscntativcs ol Music. Music, in thc scnsc ol thc Apollonian muscs, was thc sum ol thc mystcrics ol thc wcaving and living Vord ol thc Vorld, ol thc Logos, givcn to mankind as thc impulsc to unlold within thc dcpths ol thc soul thc harmony ol thinking, lccling and willing.

Hcsiod showcd in his Teogony that hc kncw ol thc Hcroic Agc. Hc intcrcalatcd it bctwccn thc agcs ol 8ronzc and! Vhat is this Hcroic Agc: Vc notc with Hcsiod that it bclongcd ncithcr to thc 8ronzc Agc which markcd thc cnd ol Atlantis, nor to thc ark Agc or Kali Yuga whcn thc last glimpscs ol spiritual insight into thc mystcrics ol thc gods vanishcd. Tc gurcs ol this pcriod wcrc thc dcmigods and hcrocs who, through thcir mighty dccds, prcscrvcd thc last glimpscs ol divinc insight.

Tc traccs ol a socallcd Acgcan civilization, bctwccn and nc, a Minoan cpoch, cspccially in Crctc lrom to nc, and a Myccncan cra, to ncthc lattcr alrcady conncctcd with thc hallhistorical Trojan Varmay only bc undcrstood as rccctions ol thc days ol thc hcrocs. From this standpoint it is rcvcaling that, in accordancc with modcrn palcontology, thc transition lrom thc usc ol stonc to thc usc ol mctals took placc during thc Hcroic Agc. Rcscarch in palcontology shows us that thc ruins ol Myccnac and Tiryns discloscd thc last achicvcmcnts in thc usc ol bronzc.

Tc orians who invadcd Grcccc lought on loot and uscd wcapons ol iron. Tc hcrocs ol Homcr still had wcapons and tools ol bronzc. Howcvcr, at thc outsct ol thc history ol Hcllas may bc plainly sccn thc mcaning ol iron in a doublc scnscthat ol thc usc ol iron tools and wcapons and that ol thc bcginning ol thc! Tus thc history ol thc Hcllcncs, as thc story ol thc childrcn ol cucalion and particularly ol his son, Hcllcn, is thc tragcdy ol thc bcginning ol Kali Yuga, thc Agc ol! Homcr and Hcsiod stood on thc thrcshold ol this agc. Hcsiod was dcscribcd as bcing taught by thc muscs ol Apollo whilc hc lcd thc shccp on thc hills ol Hclicon.

Hc was givcn a sta as a minstrcls cmblcm. Mankind in thc! Vhy havc! Tus wc scc not only that thc gods ol Hcllas and thc dcmigods, thc hcrocs, wcrc rcal bcings cxpcricncing lilc on our carth but also that thcy had a dcnitc mission to lulll in bringing man lorward on his carthly journcy. Tcy wcrc rcal bcings without whom man could not havc dcvclopcd according to thc divinc plan, without whom hc could not havc acquircd his intcllcct and his cgoconsciousncss. Tcy wcrc, in vcry truth, thc scrvants and bcnclactors ol mankind.

Tus is mythology justicd. Phaedrus: By all means. Socrates: Beloved Pan, and all ye other gods who haunt this place, give me beauty in the inward soul; and may the outward and inward man be at one. Such words appcar as a goldcn rcmnant ol thc days ol idcalism bclorc thc coming ol matcrialism. Psychoanalysis and social psychology havc rcduccd our vicw ol mythology, mystcrics and oraclcs to mcrcly intcllcctualizcd idcas ol scxual ritcs within tribal associations.

Tis attitudc ol mind is voiccd by Janc llcn Harrison in hcr Temis, a study ol thc social origins ol Grcck rcligion. Shc nds that lympians wcrc not only nonprimitivc, but positivcly in a scnsc nonrcligious My instinct was to condcmn thc lympians as nonrcligious bccausc thcy wcrc rcally thc products ol art and litcraturc, though posing as divinitics. Could this instinct stand thc tcst ol cxamination or was it mcrcly a tcmpcramcntal prcjudicc masqucrading as a rcasoncd principlc: shc asks. Tc problcm might havc continucd inccctivcly to haunt mc, and probably to paralyzc my invcstigations, had not light comc rathcr suddcnly lrom uncxpcctcd quartcrs, lrom philosophy and social psychology.

Tc god is, lor such scholars as Harrison, nothing but a projcction lrom thc group. Tc chicl clcmcnt ol thc 6 6 making ol a god is this projcction ol collcctivc cmotions, and thc truc contcnt ol thc mystcrics is mcrcly thc rccction ol thc ritc ol social initiation.

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Tc nation ol Hcllas was dcstincd to show cvcn in thc building plan ol hcr tribcs thc idca ol harmony. Tc idcal ol Apollo was to unlold thc thrcc lorccs ol thinking, lccling and willing and to dcvclop thcm to wisdom, tcmpcrancc and goodncss. Tc origin ol thc Grccks rcvcals a triad ol thc tribcs. Tc son ol cucalion was Hcllcn. Hcllcn had thrcc sons: orus, Acolus and! Tc primcval population was callcd thc Achacans achaioi, old which mcans thc rst or old oncs. Tcsc Achacans wcrc soon partly oricizcd and partly! Tc thrcc tribcs ol Hcllas cmcrgcd as a rcsult ol thc migration causcd by thc invasion ol thc orians which occurrcd at thc cnd ol thc Hcroic Agc altcr thc Trojan Var about nc.

Tc hcrocs ol thc Homcric Agc livcd in brothcrhoods or phratriae. Tc phratry was an association ol thosc who had thc samc lathcr. Tc cmphasis gradually movcd lrom thc lamily genos and thc clan phratria to thc tribc phyle. Tc tribc in thc Homcric agc compriscd all thc pcoplc in a kingdom hcadcd by a basileus king who was dcsccndcd lrom thc gods and was chicl pricst, judgc and warlord.

Tc Atlantcan gods and post Atlantcan dcmigods and hcrocs stood at thc origin ol thc tribcs and indicatcd thcir inncr ordcr. Paintings on vascs still spcak cloqucntly ol thc loundations ol citics as ccntcrs ol tribal associations in closcst linkagc with thc dccds ol hcrocs or dcmigods. Aidcd by Pallas Athcna, Cadmus slcw thc scrpcnt which guardcd a sacrcd lountain.

Tc killing ol monstcrs had thc samc signicancc as thc lounding ol thc polis, thc citystatc, it indicatcd thc transition lrom thc hcritagc ol Atlantis to thc loundation ol a ncw stagc ol lilc. A sound copy. Seller Inventory G More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Title: the gospel of hellas the mission of ancient greece and the advent of christ.

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