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Do not ignore simple symptoms and allow the doctor to fob you off with the simplest explanations. You do not have to fall to have a bleed. My symptom was simply numb fingers that the doctor said was sure to carpal tunnel syndrome! After a seizure a few days later and subsequent MRI scan it revealed a bleed on brain. Luckily the bleed was not significant impact and over a year resolved itself. The root cause was never identified despite having two angiograms. I was living an active lifestyle and eating healthy. Still have numb fingers and have to take anti-epileptic drugs.

Hi my friend fell at work 8ft down he was unconscious and bleeding from ears nose and mouth!! In the hospital they say he has a fractured skull and has a brain bleed!! The bleeding has not stopped but when he is waken up he gets really aggressive so they have him asleep for him not to pull out the tubes!! This is so sad but I would like to know what are his chances of recuperating and being ok from all his functions? My mom was also on Plavix and was a fall risk but only had bleeding to the brain one time.

We had gone to the Dr. While the tech was preparing her, my mom fell in the room and hit her head. Since the Dr.

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She was rushed to the hospital and the CT scan found a small amount of bleeding on the left side of her brain. Another CT scan was done and Dr. They sent us home 2 days later. I asked to repeat the scan before we left the hospital and they said it wasn't necessary. A week later, while my mom was getting her stitches out, I asked the Dr. Five weeks later, my mom died of intracranial hemorrhage to the left side of the brain.

Does anyone think this is a malpractice? You'll probably get all kinds of opinions on here. I've had two TBIs and the best recommendation I could give is for you to call an attorney. Don't wait. They will tell you if you have a case or not. If you wait too long, you might go past the statute of limitations. My husband is experiencing similar circumstance now. I am going to insist on a new CT scan since his stroke in April was the only one done and he has a constant headache that won't go away with any type of medication.

Sorry about your loss. It's especially bad when doctors don't listen to your pleas for help and dismiss all your concerns, and are careless and wrongful, and then deflective of any responsibility for killing your Mother. I know all too well about it. I went to 6 hospitals with Mum and no one would listen to me about my concerns they just said the symptoms mum was having were Alzheimer's.

They wouldn't give her brain scan or anything the just said she had an attitude problem. She was labelled and punished till death. She actually had a brain haemorrhage. Doctors were surprised about what occurred but immediately deflected responsibility and disappeared from the hospitaluntil mum died. That's all their good at destruction and coverups.

How dare they not follow-up.

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God Bless. So sorry for your loss. This is total irresponsibility of the concern Doctor and negligence.

My wife and I went to her brothers to eat supper and I was telling her it seemed weird my mother hasn't called all day. I sent her a text message, no response. Within the hour I get a call from her roommate saying my mother was on the floor passed out and would not respond but said she could move her hand. When we got to the hospital the worst had happened -- she had been put on life support. When she first came in the doctors said half of her brain was basically dead.

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She still had a few movements of the shoulder and right arm. She would move when I told her "please fight through this with me I still need you. She didn't make it and later when I went to go get her stuff I checked her phone and there was a text saying "Joe I may need you come back I don't She never sent it. I asked her roommate was her phone in her hand she said yes! That message was on draft at am - just 2 hours after I left the night before. Her roommate found her around 5. My mother had laid on the floor for over 8 hrs with a hemorrhaging brain stroke and bleeding!

I was in shock thru that tragic two days I didn't ask the doctors the things I should have. Please, somebody, tell me how she stayed alive for over 8 hours laying on the floor with her brain bleeding for the ambulance to find her unresponsive but passed away at the hospital? Why wasn't she able to make it if she had already lasted that long? She was 65 years old. Please, someone, I'm not dealing with this good at all. I need answers. Dear Joe, there are not always answers to our questions. There are many things in life that we might like to know why or have answers to,but we likely never will in this life.

I don't know what your beliefs are,but I don't really need to know them to tell you what I have learned to be truth.

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Anyone whom is wise focuses on getting this life right to prepare the best they can for the next life which lasts for eternity. This life which pales in comparison is only a chance for us to be saved and prepare for our next life.

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The best and most important thing I can ever tell you is Use this life wisely. Get to know our Lord Jesus as well as you can. It will be much more than worthwhile when you enter into the next life for every moment you spend in this life obeying Jesus and living your life as He tells us to in the New Testament. That being said,I am sorry for your loss. I know very well how painful and upsetting it can be to see someone you love so much and are so close with pass on. I have gone through very similar things twice now which is what helped me turn to Jesus and seek salvation and peace through Him.

There is no other path and no other way to the Father in Heaven than through Jesus Christ and what He did for each of us at Cavalry. If you turn to Jesus and you seek your salvation,I believe you will find it in Him and through Him. My mum brain must have been bleeding for months but we were ignored by dismissive doctors.

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I had 6 hospital visits and the doctors didn't even care to do any diagnosis like a ct scan. In hospital I come in to visit my mum and she does look right. I ask for help and get told off by nurse. I ask if mum's having a stroke and they laugh at me. They tell me she's just resting she's Ben like that all day. I insist on getting doctor to see. I know this looks bad. I'm in a major hospital and it takes 30min for a doctor to see us. She tells me that my mum is like this everyday. I insist that she isn't.

The doctor does know what to.. My mum is having unable to talk, lift her arm, is having fits and convulsion and they try to tell me it's just normal.

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Valinda Miracle has been through a lot, but she is no victim. Exposed to tragedy at a young age, she has experienced countless attacks that should have. The Dead Don't Bleed book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Valinda Miracle has been through a lot, but she is no victim. E.

I insist on another doctor urgently. Another 15 Min late another young doctor comes. He checks blood sugar levels they are OK, so he finally rushes mum off for CT scan. He comes back and says there a massive brain haemorrhage intra cerebral. There is not much home of survival.

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She's not a candidate for surgery. Would u like to make her comfortable? Mum lasted another 11 days without food or water, they starved her death in the end. I'm not handling it very well either. It was torture.

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I think my mums bleed was a slow bleed. That's why she starved to death. Maybe your mums bleed was a fast bleed that caused too much pressure on critical parts of the brain. It would have been better if doctors were thorough and found out what really happened rather than making stuff up. It hurts. It's not care. After the biomedical horseshoe crab collectors get them back to a lab, they pierce the tissue around the animals' hearts and drain up to 30 percent of the animals' blood. The horseshoe crabs are returned to the ocean a great distance from where they were initially picked up to avoid rebleeding animals.

The whole process takes between 24 and 72 hours. The industry says that not that many of the animals die. Between 10 and 30 percent of the bled animals, according to varying estimates, actually die. We can imagine that it's like us giving blood. The crabs get some apple juice and animal crackers and are fine soon thereafter.

But some people have noticed problems. In the regions where horseshoe crabs are harvested in large numbers for biomedical purposes—like Pleasant Bay, Massachusetts—fewer and fewer females are showing up to spawn. Perhaps the bleeding was, to use a technical term, messing them up, even if it wasn't killing them. They attached accelerometers to female horseshoe crabs that had been bled for our benefit. The bleeding process appears to make the bled animals more lethargic, slower, and less likely to follow the tides like their counterparts do. An activity deficit, such as that caused by biomedical bleeding, may influence either the number of those trips or their timing.

In the case of the latter, females may delay spawning activity while they are recuperating, and this could reduce their spawning output. In short: Bleeding a female horseshoe crab may make it less likely to mate, even if it doesn't kill it.

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Only 18 percent of the crabs the authors tracked died. While the bleeding process is clearly better for the crabs than the outright harvesting that used to occur, the study shows that there's no such thing as free horseshoe crab blood. The logical question to ask is: Why hasn't a synthetic substitute for LAL been developed? After all, it's not like we still get insulin for diabetics from pigs.

We use yeast to produce it using the DNA sequence that codes for the protein. It turns out: Companies are researching this solution. They don't want the precursor of their product to be regulated by a Fishery Management Plan , if they can avoid it. In particular, biologist Ding Jeak Ling from the National University of Singapore succeeded in producing the key bacterial detection enzyme , known as Factor C, in yeast.

She licensed the process to Lonza, which has brought it to market as a product called PyroGene. A German company named Hyglos has been working on another synthetic endotoxin detector , too. That solution will be put to the test in humans for the first time. A final meeting this week will ensure that a team of doctors is fully prepared to try it.

Then all they have to do is wait for the right patient to arrive. That person will have suffered a cardiac arrest after a traumatic injury, and will not have responded to attempts to start their heart. The team sees one of these cases each month. Their chance of survival is less than 7 per cent. The first step is to flush cold saline through the heart and up to the brain — the areas most vulnerable to low oxygen.

To do this, the lower region of their heart must be clamped and a catheter placed into the aorta — the largest artery in the body — to carry the saline. The clamp is later removed so the saline can be artificially pumped around the whole body. At this point they will have no blood in their body, no breathing, and no brain activity.

They will be clinically dead. In this state, almost no metabolic reactions happen in the body, so cells can survive without oxygen. At normal body temperatures this can sustain cells for about 2 minutes. At low temperatures, however, glycolysis rates are so low that cells can survive for hours. The patient will be disconnected from all machinery and taken to an operating room where surgeons have up to 2 hours to fix the injury. The saline is then replaced with blood. If the heart does not restart by itself, as it did in the pig trial, the patient is resuscitated.

The new blood will heat the body slowly, which should help prevent any reperfusion injuries. The technique will be refined then tested on another 10, says Tisherman, until there are enough results to analyse. Because the trial will happen during a medical emergency, neither the patient nor their family can give consent. The trial can only go ahead because the US Food and Drug Administration considers it to be exempt from informed consent.

The team had to have discussions with groups in the community and place adverts in newspapers describing the trial. People can opt out online.