The Companion Bible - The Book of 2nd Kings

E. W. Bullinger
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The Hebrew words are given not in the Inflection found in the Text, but in the root-form in which they will be looked for in Lexicons. All Figures of Speech are noted, and their bearing on interpretation1. The spiritual significance of Numbers is pointed out1 see Ap.

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The principal synonymous words in the Original are distinguished, especially those bearing on sin, atonement, and psychology. The first occurrences of important words and expressions are duly noted1. Eastern manners and customs are explained, as they throw light on the Scriptures. The meanings of Proper Names of persons or places are given where these are suggestive. Money and Coins, Weights and Measures, are referred in every case to Appendix Chronology is dealt with on Biblical lines, which proceed on durations rather than dates.

These are adhered to as given in the Bible itself, and are not adapted or made to conform to any system. This transforms a dry study into a subject of deepest interest. The various Charts and Tables are given in Appendix The Structures of the Books are given, and all their parts: which are the surest guide to their interpretation, and the strongest proof of their inspiration1.

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See p. Only those new readings and renderings are given which will remove difficulties from the Text, enlighten the eyes, inform the mind, affect the conscience, instruct the head, and influence the life. Several of the above points are, for the first time, placed within the reach of the ordinary English reader. Referred to on p. They give, not a mere Analysis evolved from the Text by human ingenuity, but a Symmetrical Exhibition of the Word itself, which may be discerned by the humblest reader of the Sacred Text, and seen to be one of the most important evidences of the Divine Inspiration of its words.

For these Structures constitute a remarkable phenomenon peculiar to Divine Revelation; and are not found outside it in any other form of known literature. This distinguishing feature is caused by the repetition of subjects which reappear1, either in alternation or introversion, or a combination of both in many divers manners.

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The subjects of the various Members are indicated by letters, which are quite arbitrary and are used only for convenience. The subject of one Member is marked by a letter in Roman type, while the repetition of it is marked by the same letter in Italic type. These are always in line vertically , one with the other.

When the alphabet is exhausted, it is repeated, as often as may be necessary. The Structure of the whole book is given at the commencement of each book; and all the succeeding Structures are the expansion of this.

Each Structure is referred back to the page containing the larger Member, of which it is an expansion or development. Contain a large amount of information bearing on the various questions raised by the phenomena of the Sacred Text. Those issued with each of the four volumes pertain principally to such volumes. But in the complete Bible they will all be placed together at the end. The order of the Appendixes is determined for the most part by the order in which the subjects are raised in the Text of the Bible. Where there is no name of a book in the margin, the reference is always to the same book , and all the References in the margin are to The Companion Bible, not to any Edition of the, A.

The repetition of the same subject in a note is sometimes indicated by its initial capital letter.


The figures in the left-hand margin relate to two separate matters. The number of the page so indicated holds good until another page number is given. WITH the aid of the following Table, any English reader who knows the Hebrew alphabet can put back the English letters into the Hebrew characters, by noting the exact equivalents:—.

As an example of the application of the above principles, the following is the first verse in the Hebrew Bible, the Hebrew being read from right to left:—. Trinitarian Bible Society.

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Hymns for the Waiting Church. The Stars are Shining Bright and Clear.

Carol for Christmas , The Parish Choir, no. Sermons preached in Oxford, November. The Second Advent in Relation to the Jew. VII of Minor Works. Address at Mildmay Conference, London, October. The Name of Jehovah in the Book of Esther. Hymns for Bible Reading. The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scripture.

Address at National Protestant Congress, London. Thomas Boys, M. Address at Mildmay Conference, London, June.

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The witness of the Stars. Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich. I Vol. The Purpose of the Ages. Address at Nottingham Conference, May. Brief in Appendix Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. Address at Carlisle Conference, May. Briefly in Right Division, and in he Part I. The Seventy Weeks. Address at Glasgow Conference, June. Briefly in Appendix Within the study In My Name.

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Sunday School Lessons. Fulfilled Prophecy: Edom. Address at York Conference, May. The Practical Power of Our Hope. Address at Liverpool Conference, Nov. Address at Keswick Conference, Jul. The Man of God: 2 Tim. The Divine Names and Titles. Jeffrey S. Brief in Appendix 4. Was Peter Ever at Rome?

The Massorah. By Me Kings Reign. Sermon preached at St. First and Last Words in Scripture. The Hope of His Calling. Address at Mildmay Conference, Oct. The Structure of the Books of the Bible. Brief in Appendix 1 of the Old Testament.

The Structure of the Books of the New Testament. Figures of Speech Used in the Bible. The Church Epistles. Chapters 1, 2, and Conclusion. The Word Inc. Box , Adelaide, South Australia. The Last Seven-fold Command of Christ. Address at Prophecy conference, Keswick, Jul. What Is the Spirit Saying to the Churches? Address at Prophetic Conference, n. The Guilty by No Means Cleared. Rationalism and Its Relation to Romanism. The Royal Road to Holiness. Papers on the Apocalypse: Fifteen Preliminary Points.

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The same as the Book, see below. Matthew ; Matthew Hosea Luke Hosea Romans Hosea ; Hosea Besides the evangelist Matthew in his book chapter relates Hosea to Christ. Hosea 4 - 14 : Messages of Judgment and Mercy. Sign out. Not a member? Color Scheme. Bible Tools Search. Interlinear Search. Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic. Writings Search. Before Christ Edersheim Flavius Josephus more. Illustrations Search. The Quotation Archive Add a Quotation. Parallel Search.

Tozer Charles Spurgeon Voice of the Lord more. Miscellaneous Bible Maps. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Go to classic. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes. Author and Time of Writing Hosea his name meaning "to save, salvation" is the first of the so-called Minor Prophets. Peculiarities a Hosea's Marriage with a Prostitute Most expositors of the past and of modern times have difficulties with the thought that a holy God should have given the order to one of his servants to marry a woman living in sin.

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