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Mich. Boy, 13, Accused of Point Blank Killing
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Unfortunately, kids kill for other reasons too. For example, teen homicide is often committed in conjunction with other criminal offenses. Kids that kill other kids and kids who kill parents are involved in interpersonal conflicts, many of which result in the murder of a friend, acquaintance or family member.

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Other patterns of the juvenile murderer include psychotic, sex-related and senseless. Exactly what to do with these young murderers is a matter of opinion, and only time will tell if the rate of kids killing will continue to rise so dramatically.

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However, two things are certain 1. The increasing frequency of juvenile murder reflects alarming changes in the attitudes and behaviors of the youth population 2. It seems likely that murder by kids will go down only as lesser acts of violence come under control.

Psychosis, Hallucinations Can Trigger Murder

It also is rare for an year-old to commit a violent crime. There is no way of knowing whose version represents the reality of his upbringing, but what became clear, later on, was that Shawcross would change his stories at will, as he was interviewed by various professionals in the course of their investigations. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. While some take a measure of comfort in the fact that the overall homicide rate in the United States seems to have peaked in recent years and actually declined in , others see the possibility of a more murderous future. Unlike most juvenile delinquency books, this one is easy-to-read and to understand.

Four checklists offer additional information about kids who kill. List of identifiable influences of society, school, family and psychology observed in kids who kill 2. List of why kids kill 3.

List of how kids who kill are dealt with by the court 4. List of sources of additional information about kids who kill Purchase this e-book to learn much more about kids who kill. Kindle Edition , 19 pages. Add a Rating. Close Embed Code. Death of Innocence is out of print but if you can locate a copy, snatch it. The cover may be a little plain but the story inside is anything but. Madison, Indiana, is the epitome of a small town, USA. Yet among the picket fenced yards lurked evil that would rock this midwest community.

Melinda Loveless may have looked like your average teenage girl. Yet she was anything but. Her bouncy brunette curls and big brown eyes caught the attention of many boys, but it was the girls Melinda wanted to be with. Laurie Tackett was a severely mentally disturbed bisexual who frequently dabbled in the occult and talked about what it would be like to kill someone.

From beginning to end, this book is riveting; extremely difficult to put down. And a real eye opener for anyone with children, a reminder that you should never get too lax in your parenting. Readers of Cruel Sacrifice will find themselves enraged at the teenage arrogance, heartbroken at the waste of young life, and question why so many backs were turned that resulted in the creation of a monster. And the baby they were expecting in six months was icing on the cake. Could the murders be mob related? Did Richard, a man who enjoyed gambling, fail to make good on a bet?

These questions would haunt police for six months as they searched for the answers and may have gone unanswered if not for the conscience of a teenage boy who realized he knew too much. Police would realize the killer had been right in front of them all along. I Am Cain is true crime written by journalists Gera-Lind Kolarik and Wayne Klatt about the high profile Langert murders that rocked a quiet, well-to-do suburban community of Chicago. This page factual recounting from is well-written and a real page-turner right out of the starting gate, but I was a little disappointed in how much praise was heaped upon the Winnetka police when, in all actuality, had it not been for the detailed information provided to them by 18 year-old Phu Hoang.

Ok, rant over. Helen Betty Osborne was an ambitious young Aboriginal woman whose life dream was to be a teacher but she had to leave the reservation in Norway House and move to The Pas, Manitoba, to do so — not a small task for a girl with minimal education and who spoke very little English. On the cold, dark evening of November 12, , Betty was walking home alone when four young white men pulled their car along side her and began soliciting Betty for sex.

When she declined, the drunken lads stopped the car and one of the boys, Dwayne Archie Johnston, snatched Betty from the street and forced her into the car.

Mitchelle Blair: Why I killed my kids

Driving aimlessly through desolate roads of The Pas, Dwayne along with Lee Colgan, Jim Houghton, and Norm Manger, tried to force Betty to engage in multi-partner sexual escapades but she fought them furiously. No one may ever know what really happened that night, but one thing is certain: Betty Osborne was brutally beaten and stabbed to death with a screwdriver.

Despite drink induced confessions by Lee Colgan to anyone who would listen, it would take police 16 years to make any arrests in the case. Journalist Lisa Priest presents the case of the Betty Osborne murder in her true crime book Conspiracy of Silence. And a plan was hatched to teacher her a lesson.

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While two members of the group, Josephine and Dusty, lured Reena to a common teenage hangout. At one point, she lost consciousness. Ellard, after recruiting a self-proclaimed member of the Crips gang Warren Glowatski, along with his help dragged Reena to waters edge where she was subsequently drowned. The trials and sentences in this case are absolutely fascinating and will serve as a reminder to the American citizen why we live in such a land seemingly more willing to punish our youth with harsher penalties.

Readers will undoubtedly find themselves appalled at the Canadian justice system. Jesse Pomeroy had strong urges; extremely intense urges which led him to little boys to secluded areas where he physically and sexually assaulted them. Not only was Jesse still plagued by his evil urges but now he fully understood the fallacy in allowing is victims to live and still be able to get away with the crime. It also is rare for an year-old to commit a violent crime.

In his year analysis of juvenile homicides, Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox found about cases of children younger than 11 who were suspected of murder. Brain science has been central to the debate on whether juveniles should be punished as adults.

Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges

It's only in the past decade that there's been any significant scientific research on the adolescent brain. The U. Supreme Court took into account the growing body of adolescent brain research in when it banned the death penalty for juveniles. Jordan's defense argues that there are no witnesses to connect him to the crime, but prosecutors are relying on the statements of the victim's oldest daughter, who was 7 at the time. She told authorities she heard a loud boom before leaving for school with Jordan.

That sound, prosecutors say, was the noise of a gauge youth shotgun that state police believe is the weapon responsible for Houk's slaying.

7 True Crime Books About Cold-Blooded Teens Who Killed

But Jordan's attorneys say the witness, now 8, is unreliable because she didn't say she heard a "boom" the first two times police interrogated her. It wasn't until a third round of questioning that she told them about the noise. Prosecutors allege there was tension between Jordan and Houk, who had moved into the father's farmhouse. They say Jordan was jealous of Houk and her two daughters. The unborn child was a boy.

Jordan's supporters deny any rivalry or bad feelings between the boy and his would-be stepmother. Prosecutors also allege that there is strong physical evidence linking Jordan to the crime.

Police found gunshot residue on Jordan's shirt. A state trooper testified that the gun smelled like it had been freshly fired. His defense team argues that many of Jordan's shirts and guns had residue because he frequently hunted with his father.

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Also, police said they discovered a blanket covering the gun with a quarter-sized hole burned into it. With outcome of the decertification hearing still months away, there is little consolation for the victims' family. They remember Kenzie Houk as beautiful, friendly and popular.

Family members say they miss attending weekly bingo nights, cooking dinner and watching Steelers games with her. Debbie Houk, said she never expected to be a mother again. But after her daughter was slain, she now cares for her grandchildren.