How To Toliet Train Your Cat!

How to Toilet-Train Your Cat, Clicker Style
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Common dietary requirements for cats with IBD include hypoallergenic cat food, as well as foods that are high in fiber and low in fat. Cats are amazingly clean creatures and most learn to use a tray by copying their mothers. When provided with the right tray, a familiar cat litter, and a nice quiet spot, most cats will start using the tray and not need training to do so. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7.

Yes, you can train a cat to relieve themself in a human toilet. However, this is controversial and most cat behaviorists are against the idea because things can all too easily go wrong and stress the cat. If the cat becomes fearful of the toilet, they then will start to mess in the house Not Helpful 3 Helpful 9. Set up a litter tray in a quiet corner of the room where Kitty won't be disturbed. Don't use clumping cat litter.

Start by popping some Kitty poop into the tray, to mark it as a toilet. Kitty will need to toilet on waking and shortly after eating, so pop them in the tray at these times. When they happen to use the tray, praise them softly. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. It is a rare kitten that needs to be litter trained in the same way that puppies need to be potty trained. Most learn to use a tray at a very young age by copying their mother.

This is a reflection of the cat's natural instinct to toilet in specific latrine areas in the wild. Provide a suitable latrine, and the cat will use it. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 3. How can I teach my cat if she still only wants to use the place that she has been using? Not Helpful 11 Helpful I have a small cat of 6 months, and she always eliminates beside the litter but urinates inside.

How can I stop her from littering on floor? Put her poop in the box after she does it. Also, a bigger tray might be needed. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Don't change the litter suddenly. Gradually mix the old and the new litter until you stop using the old one; by then, your cat should be used to the new litter. Not Helpful 10 Helpful This is normal. If your cat's litter box is dirty, try giving your cat a bath.

Not Helpful 14 Helpful How do I prepare for a new cat? What do I need and what should I do when I bring it home? Buy cat food, cat toys, bowls for food and water, and then a litter box with litter.

Why You Don’t Have to Toilet Train Your Cat.

When you bring it home, show it where the litter box is. Then let it explore. Not Helpful 21 Helpful I just got a new kitten and the previous owner said they used pine pellets.

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I bought the same kind, and she keeps urinating outside the box. How can this be fixed? She may not like the pellets, especially if she doesn't even step in the boxes. You could make sure pine pellets are immediately scooped or changed so they're not damp and make sure the litter is not scented artificially or naturally. Check to see that you're using the exact brand and type the previous owners used, or try another litter that is soft on paws and unscented.

When switching litter, use the method of slowly adding a greater amount of the new litter and less of the old until you're only using the new litter. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Why You Should NOT Toilet Train Your Cat

Tips Never punish your cat for out-of-box elimination. Choose a spot for the litter box that's accessible to your cat. You should also consider where in your home he won't be disturbed frequently. Give you cat a treat when it uses the litter box so he doesn't think its a punishment. When you move, it's a good idea to confine your cat to a small area of the new house at first.

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If the seat on your bathroom toilet is padded, you should use a padded one for the acclimatization process, too. You can make a Data Subject Request at any time. Techniques for Obedience Training Your Kitten Learn how to train your kitten how to obey your commands without resorting to punishments with our obedience training tips. You can use a step stool, or make steps out of weighted cardboard boxes. If you were already using a flushable litter, skip to Step 3.

This will ensure that it feels safe and knows where his litter box is, and reduce house soiling. If you have a dog make sure it doesn't disturb your cat when it's goes to the bathroom. Warnings If your cat is obviously in pain during elimination, or has blood in his stool or urine, take him to the vet immediately. Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To litter train a cat, set up a litter box in a spot that's accessible and convenient for your cat. Did this summary help you?

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Made Recently. Add a photo Upload error. Awesome picture! Tell us more about it? Click here to share your story. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Co-authors: Updated: March 29, Daughter sent me your post on how to teach a cat to use a litter tray.

I did not think to buy more than one tray, so that was good advice. I am also closing off all bedrooms. OG Oliver Gerry Nov 6, I acquired a feral cat and her 4 kittens. I learned a lot in this article about liter boxes, and find that 2 are not enough, and I am not cleaning them as often as I should. Thank you. SM Serena Marie Mar 1, I hope my cat will learn to use his litter box soon. I'm glad I have more information on this subject.

Thank you, wikiHow! SP Sharon Perez Jun 12, Will use step by step, and hope I can retrain my year-old kitty to always use the litter box, not "most of the time. YW Yvette Walsh Aug 2, Not peeing or pooing where they eat. A Anonymous Aug 11, My dad didn't want waste around the house, so this really helped me!

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NC Nancy Clark Aug 20, JB Josann Balderrama Nov 18, I didn't realize that. Thank you! IY Islam Yasser Sep 4, DH Dawn Harries Apr 16, I am having huge problems. Rated this article:. EW Emma Wilde Nov 29, Sep 9, RS Renee S. Mar 2, More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Related Articles. You may have to repeat this process several times. Let the clicker speak for you; you don't have to talk.

Be patient, silent, and observant, and reward your cat for any behavior that indicates progress toward eliminating in the setup. Once your cat used the sitz bath litter box successfully, you are ready to move on. Start by making a small hole in the sitz bath. You can use a drill or a soldering iron to melt the plastic. Some of the litter will fall through the hole when kitty scratches. That is okay—you want her to get used to the water underneath the setup.

How to Litter Train a Cat (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The next week, enlarge the hole slightly. Continue enlarging the hole every week until kitty's waste is dropping directly into the toilet. At the same time, gradually reduce the quantity of litter in the sitz bath to a token amount. Once the hole is so big that there's nothing left, kitty will naturally place her feet on the toilet seat.

This whole process can take as little as a month or as long as a year depending on your cat's temperament and how dedicated you are to monitoring and rewarding her behavior. Unlike some other animals, cats seem to lose interest if not rewarded almost every time they do a task correctly during the active learning phase. Consistent treating is best for this challenging time. Of course, there will be times when you won't be around to treat after kitty uses the toilet, and by default a variable reward schedule occurs.

Unpredictable or variable rewards are what make gambling so addictive, and cats are expert gamblers. Bad habits in cats can be hard to extinguish. For example, if your cat has to relieve herself and finds a nice, clean, dry bathroom sink, it's inherently rewarding to go in the sink. The relief itself is a jackpot. Let a cat get away with eliminating on the floor or sink just once, and she will try to hit that jackpot again. Preventing mistakes is always easier than trying to break a bad habit after it occurs.

The bottom line is: don't gamble with expert gamblers like cats. Put away the bath rugs for the duration of toilet training; pick up the towels and newspapers off the bathroom floor. Keep a small amount of water in the sink or tub. Keep the shower doors shut. Close closet doors, use closed hampers for dirty clothes, or remove laundry baskets from the bathroom.

Close off rooms that the cat doesn't need to go into to prevent her from getting into trouble. When in doubt, backtrack! For additional help and details, watch the short video, "Kitty Potty Training" embedded above. Your click on the sponsor's ad at the end of the video will donate 25 cents to feed stray cats. For a wealth of information on toilet training not necessarily clicker style, however , visit the Yahoo Group Cats T-Training.

Great tips but two questions: 1 what can you suggest as a treat for a kitty who turns her nose at up at packaged kitty treats? Her brother is a treat hog so he's no problem but she sniffs the treat and just looks at me like "that's nothing I want". I don't know what to have handy that will excite her and reward her. Also, neither one of them seem to like catnip. I've been placing it around their scratching post to encourage visits but it's totally ineffective.

I used a potty training seat, a wooden seat that has a smaller one that can go into the lid when no longer needed. I trained my 12 week old kitten and needed it because she was afraid to fall in. Under that seat, I used corrugated plastic in white.. I took it slowly and in 2 weeks, she was fully toilet trained. When she goes during the day, she comes up to me and lets me know. I tell her to show me, and she will run to the bathroom and wait for me to say "good poop" and the we go to the kitchen and she gets her treat, and her favourite is a few peas.

I will be getting a male Ragdoll soon who has had 2 homes so far he's just turned 2 , returned to the breeder because, after a few weeks, will jump up on furniture and look at you as he relieves himself fully.

How to Litter Train a Kitten

He has resisted all the different litters, so I think he's a great candidate for the toilet training. I have routines every day, including obedience training, for the dogs and the cat. The dogs I board learn this routine easily and love it. And, IF I can't rehab this cat, his alternative is euthanasia. If we use elongated toilets , then we can easily teach pet animals about their behavior in the toilet. These tips might come in handy if you have a loyal pet. This has been really helpful i will try it on my cat see it if works A cheaper and easier to cut alternative to a sitz bath is a disposable, foil roasting pan.

I believe this is what she means by "roasting pan" in the alternatives listed. It's easier to cut utility blade works well , you don't risk creating toxic fumes like melting a hole in a sitz bath and if you have to back up a step because you enlarged the hole too quickly, it's no big deal to have to buy another pan.

Make sure you carefully fold under the sharp edges of the hole you make to make sure your cat won't get cut when scratching the litter and be careful not to cut yourself in the process. If you're just using the regular seat and the cat is starting out with their feet in the litter, you may want to nest 2 foil pans for stability.

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How to Toilet Train Your Cat. There are many benefits of teaching a cat to use the toilet. It eliminates smells caused by a litter box and creates less work for you. A toilet-trained cat may seem like something only Hollywood could dream up, but you really can teach your cat to use the potty — and say.

They share food. Some times the Persian ses the litter tray but mostly he loves to pipi and poupou at the entrance of the flat. You can imagine Pls help me BTW, this is a great article. I just have a difference preference for materials.

Should You Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet?

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Smart Reinforcement. Build a great relationship Learn more. Sign Up for our Newsletter Sign up for our newsletters and get articles, new products, events, and exclusive deals sent directly to your inbox! Sign Up Today! Log in here. Can you imagine: Never buying cat litter again? Rules of the road As I mention in my video "Kitty Potty Training" see embedded video below , the key ingredients to toilet training are patience, perseverance, and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Laying the groundwork First train your cat in targeting. First setup Once the litter box is in the bathroom, you are ready to proceed to the first setup.