Helsinki homicide: Cold Trail

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A neighbor becomes a target after identifying the getaway driver, but is reluctant to uproot her family to move to a safe house. As the threats escalate, she is torn between her principles and her desire to keep her family safe. A convicted wife-murderer escapes from his father's funeral. But why would he flee now, with over half his sentence served?


As the manhunt begins, Detective Lt. Kari Takamaki and his homicide team dig into the old evidence. Was the man guilty? Or an innocent man unjustly sentenced to life in prison? An abandoned house in Northern Helsinki, a dead body in the garage. Looks like a professional hit, but Lt.

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Takamaki's team is perplexed by the crime scene, so right-hand man Suhonen goes undercover as a gangster. Larsson, a Finnish crime boss, is out of prison, and out to get Suhonen, the undercover detective who put him there. Meanwhile, Suhonen's ex-con best friend wants to wash his hands of crime, but in instead is driven deeper into it.

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SFPD Lt. But is she is a cold-blooded murderer, or a girl who lost her way? But, will the end justify the means? She fears that a notorious criminal Danilo will uncover her past. He was stunned by the police suddenly charging in. Another nice touch for this American lawyer-turned-judge was the use of the Finnish court system as a setting for a portion of the narrative.

With the help of his boss, Lieutenant Takamaki, and the National Bureau of Investigation, Suhonen hunts for the loose thread that could unravel Larsson's entire gang. Certain that a man from a murder victim's inner circle is the perpetrator, Takamaki's team arrests him. Spurred by her own motives, the defense attorney sets out to prove the police wrong.

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Meanwhile, an investigative journalist starts a probe that uncovers new twists. He died in Kirstila, Pentti Born in , Kirstila worked as a journalist before writing fiction.

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Cold Trail (Helsinki Homicide) [Jarkko Sipila, Kristian London] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Amidst freezing rain, Timo Repo escapes. Helsinki homicide: Cold Trail - Kindle edition by Jarkko Sipila, Kristian London. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

He died in Helsinki in Lehtolainen, Leena Born in , Lehtolainen is the author of the Maria Kallio series which began in It is, to date, the only police procedural series written by a woman and featuring a female protagonist. She herself began her writing career early, publishing her first book at the age of twelve.

He has published 26 volumes in a series featuring Turku private investigator Jussi Vares, several of which have been made into films.


He was awarded the Finnish crime novel of the year for The Sheriff, the first in a trilogy. It was made into a popular feature film.

Raid has been featured in a film and a part television series. Sariola, Mauri Born in in Hattula, Sariola worked in a bank, at a law firm, and as a teacher before becoming a crime reporter for Helsingin Sanomat.

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He published his first mystery in By the time of his death in , he had published nearly 80 books, some of them under the pseudonym Esko Laukko. Sipila, Jarkko A Finnish journalist who has covered crime news for both television and the Hensingin Sanomat newspaper and has written eleven novels, nine of them in a procedural series with Detective Lieutenant Kari Takamaki as the lead.

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Helsinki Homicide won the Crime Fiction of the Year award. He is particularly well known for his down-to-earth and affectionate picture of life in rural northern Finland.

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Thompson, James Born in Kentucky, Thompson attended university in Finland and then settled there for over a decade.