Asia-Pacific Human Development Report

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Women's empowerment remains a challenge," he added. Life expectancy at birth ranges from However, malnutrition continues to be a major challenge amongst the lower Human Development Pacific countries. Recent literacy rates are only available for some Pacific countries with high Human Development, but those reported compare favorably with the average for East Asia and the Pacific - for adults, young women, and young men - as they did in the HDI Report.

Securing enough decent work continues to be a challenge for countries across the region, with a particularly low labor force participation rate in Samoa.

However, official unemployment rates remain low where available, especially for Low Human Development countries in the region,averaging 4. But living longer does not automatically mean more years spent enjoying life.

For example, healthy life expectancy for countries of very high human development is approximately 70 years,whereas for countries of low human development it is approximately 53 years," said Burkhanov. So, shifting focus towards the quality of human development will be important in monitoring future progress.

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The UN General Assembly has officially recognized the Human Development Report as "an independent intellectual exercise" that has become "an important tool for raising awareness about human development around the world. They also risk a surge in youth frustration, exacerbating instability and conflict.

Region-wide, 68 percent of people are of working age and only 32 percent are dependents. These are concrete policies tailored to the demographic profile of individual countries. For states with a large working-aged population, UNDP is calling for the creation of decent jobs to match the growing workforce, equal employment for women, and ways to turn savings into investments inside the region.

UNDP's changing role in Asia-Pacific's development

Governments need to share experiences on long-term fiscal planning, including the sustainable use of tax revenue.