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On 7 October Mrs Bridget Maguire, a street trader from Cabra, a working-class suburb of Dublin, gave birth to her twentieth child in the Rotunda maternity hospital. The birth of baby Thomas was reported in many newspapers not due to his myriad siblings, but because at the age of fifty-one, his mother was the oldest woman to give birth in the Rotunda since records began. Under section 17 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, , the import, sale and advertisement of artificial contraception was banned in Ireland.

Additionally, the production, sale, and distribution of any publication advocating contraception was outlawed under section 16 of the Censorship of Publications Act, Consequently, many Irish people were without the necessary knowledge with which to plan their families. While a rise in the number of marriages and births occurred from about , the average family size nonetheless began to decrease for the first time, as did the age at which couples tended to marry.

The encyclical also stated that Catholic obstetricians should make themselves fully proficient in this method. Drawing on a range of medical and diocesan sources, as well as diverse material from the news media, my essay explores how family planning developed in Dublin from It is demonstrated that whilst the medical and social work community, as well as their patients, began to exhibit a more liberal shift in views on the issue of artificial birth control, the Catholic hierarchy was compelled to re-promote official teaching on the subject after the publication of Humanae Vitae. Two of the three largest maternity hospitals in Dublin operated with a Catholic ethos, and the Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid, was particularly mindful of how medics operated within these hospitals with regard to birth control.

Consequently, the encyclical created new difficulties for medical professionals working in Catholic maternity hospitals who wished to develop more sophisticated programmes of family planning therein. Prescription of the contraceptive pill, which had occurred on a case-by-case basis, was no longer possible in these hospitals.

Even prior to the encyclical, the issue of access to artificial birth control was viewed increasingly by many medical and social care professionals — as well as many of their patients — as a private issue of health and welfare, rather than a moral problem. Additionally, my essay demonstrates that family planning was a class issue. As the annual reports of the maternity hospitals demonstrated repeatedly during this period, the health and welfare of working-class women — those who were least likely to access contraception — often suffered greatly as a result of multiple births.

Cronin and Jeffrey Weeks provided four stimulating keynote lectures. Bolger concluded that upper-class Irish women were afforded flexibility in their mothering abilities as their decision to breastfeed was often based upon personal choices. Bennett concludes that the maternal body was a source of concern for the authorities but also a vehicle for resistance on the part of the prisoner as it could act as a barrier to discipline.

These papers and the many others presented resonated quite strongly with current debates and events in Irish society today. The paper focused on the hitherto ignored activities of provincial gay and lesbian activists in s Galway. By focusing on Galway, my paper made two key arguments. Firstly, it sought to demonstrate the extent to which lesbian women were not passive agents in the efforts to improve the situation of Irish gay and lesbian citizens pre and decriminalisation of sexual activity between males.

Archive Org record The natural history of the birds of Ireland, indigenous and migratory containing descriptions of the habits, migrations, occurrence, and economy, of the species comprised in the Fauna by John J Watters Published in , J. Lizars Archive Org record The Irish naturalist. Pagination: 33 v. Ireland's literary renaissance. With biographical sketches and literary notices.

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Subject: Fenians — Fiction. Archive Org record The blindness of Dr. Pagination: vi, p. By statement: by James Stephens; illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Pagination: 7 p. Subject: Fairy tales — Ireland. Archive Org record The crock of gold. Other titles: Gulliver's travels.

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By statement: by Jonathan Swift ; illustrated by Arthur Rackham. To which By statement: By Jonathan Swift. The whole ed. Guthkelch and D. Nichol Smith. Pagination: lxxv, p. Nutt London Contributions: Crane, Walter, , ill. Edition: Seventh impression. Louis, and late colonel of Clare's regiment in the service of France. Subject: France — Fiction. William Wright. Archive Org record Some experiences of an Irish R. Somerville and Martin Ross [pseud Pagination: p.

Archive Org record Further experiences of an Irish R. Somerville Published in , Longmans, Green, and co. London, New York [etc. Somerville and Martin Ross [pseud. Somerville Pagination: p. Frowde London, New York [etc. Other titles: The vicar of Wakefield. Doble, M. Ostler; with forty-six illustrations. Archive Org record Irish folk-history plays. Richards London Other titles: Devil's disciple. By statement: By Bernard Shaw. Pagination: xxxvii p. Genre: Drama. Subject: Caesar, Julius — Drama. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, d. United States — History — Revolution, — Drama. Synge Published in , Maunsel and Co.

Dublin Contributions: Synge, J. Other titles: The shadow of the glen. By statement: by John M. Pagination: x, p. Archive Org record Riders to the sea by J. Synge Published in , J. Archive Org record The well of the saints a comedy in three acts by J. Luce Boston By statement: by J. Synge Pagination: 90 p. Pagination: 4 p. Archive Org record Deirdre of the sorrows a play by J. Pagination: 78, [1] p. Synge Published in , Maunsel Dublin Pagination: vii, p. Series: Methuen's shilling library -- 85 Edition: [7th ed.

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By statement: [edited by] Kuno Meyer. Work: Leabhar na g-ceart. By statement: now for the first time edited, with translation and notes, by John O'Donovan Series: Publications of the Celtic society, [no. Pagination: x, lxvii, p. Ancient laws of Ireland Published in , Printed for H. Stationery off. Thom [etc. Neilson , ed. Pagination: 6 v. Ancient Irish deeds and writings chiefly relating to landed property, from the twelfth to the seventeenth century Published in , Royal Irish Academy [Dublin Contributions: Hardiman, James, By statement: with translations, notes, and a preliminary essay by James Hardiman.

Recollections of an Irish judge press, bar and Parliament. Thom Archive Org record. The trial of Oscar Wilde from the shorthand reports. Carrington] Paris Contributions: Grolleau, Charles, b. Central Criminal Court. Metropolitan Police Courts Pagination: L, p.

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Harry Potter. According to tradition he lived in Western England until he was captured by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and was taken to Ireland as a slave. We welcome short abstracts on any aspect of this topic, historical or contemporary, including, but not limited to:. Between and many English people and Scots settled in Ulster on confiscated land. Dublin in the Middle Ages marked the beginning of years of Norman rule.

Taylor, Alfred, b. Trials Slander — Great Britain. Shelton By statement: by Richard Lalor Shiel ; with memoir and notes by R. Shelton Mackenzie. Pagination: , p. The general armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales comprising a registry of armorial bearings from the earliest to the present time. Other titles: Landed gentry of Ireland. By statement: by Sir Bernard Burke. Edition: New ed. Fox-Davies Pagination: iv, p.

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Heraldry — Ireland Archive Org record. Irish pedigrees: or, The origin and stem of the Irish nation. Edition: Limited American ed. Edition: 2nd ed. Pagination: iv, p. Subject: Nobility — Great Britain. Great Britain — Genealogy. Varieties and synonymes of surnames and Christian names in Ireland for the guidance of registration officers and the public in searching the indexes of births, deaths, and marriages by Matheson, Robert E.

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Ireland — History, Military. Ireland — Genealogy. Smith Archive Org record. Atlas and cyclopedia of Ireland. Part I: A comprehensive delineation of the thirty-two counties, with a, map of each. Part II: The general history by P. By statement: as told by A. Sullivan, and continued by P. Subject: Patrick, Saint, ? An Irish historical tract dated A.

The Animated History of Ireland

Early Irish population groups Clare Island survey : place-names and family names Silva Focluti Ancient Irish : the law of status or franchise The native place of St. Patrick A topographical dictionary of Ireland comprising the several counties; cities; boroughs; corporate, market and post towns; parishes; and villages, with historical and statistical descriptions embellished with engravings of the arms of the cities, bishopricks, corporate towns, and boroughs ; and of the seals of the several municipal corporations Lewis London Archive Org record.

A topographical dictionary of Ireland exhibiting the names of the several cities, towns, parishes and villages, with the barony, county, and province, to which they respectively belong Collected from the most authentic documents, and arr. Miller, by W. Savage London Archive Org record.

Cassell's gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland being a complete topographical dictionary of the United Kingdom; with numerous illustrations and sixty maps.

Activist Histories of Ireland: Historical, Transnational, and Contemporary Perspectives

To which is added, an introduction to the ancient and modern history of Ireland. Published in , R. Tims Dublin Archive Org record. The origin and history of Irish names of places by P. Joyce Published in , M.

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Gill, Whittaker, Simpkin, Marshall, J. Other titles: Irish place-names By statement: by an Irish C. Irish local names explained. Joyce Published in , Educational Co. Subject: Names, Geographical — Ireland. The ancient forts of Ireland being a contribution towards our knowledge of their types, affinities, and structural features.

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In which new and interesting lights are thrown on the remote histories of other nations as well as of both Britains by [Sylvester] O'Halloran Published in , Printed for the author, by A. Worcester, Mass Archive Org record. Historical sketches of the native Irish and their descendants illustrative of their past and present state with regard to literature, education, and oral instruction.

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Work: Historie of Ireland Pagination: 2 v. The history of Ireland from the earliest period to the present time by Martin Haverty Published in , T. Meehan, Dr. Madden, and other eminent scholars; and from all the resources of Irish history now available. By Martin Haverty. Subject: Ireland — History Archive Org record. The soul of Ireland by W J. Lockington, S. Internet Archive Pagination: 3 v.

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Pagination: xvii, p. Ireland — Politics and government — 19th century. Subject: Dublin Ireland — Social life and customs. Series: Cambridge historical series Edition: Stereotyped ed. Pagination: viii p. Ireland — History. O'Brennan's antiquities by Martin A. O'Brennan Published in , M. Other titles: Dirge of Ireland. By statement: Martin A. The geographical distribution of Irish ability. Subject: Irish. Ireland — Intellectual life. Annals, anecdotes, traits, and traditions of the Irish parliaments, to by J. Roderick O'Flanagan Published in , M.

Gill Dublin By statement: by J. Roderick O'Flanagan. Pagination: xx, p. Parliament — History. The indestructible nation a survey of Irish history from the invasion. The first phase: the overthrow of the clans. Subject: Ireland — History — Archive Org record. The viceroys of Ireland the story of the long line of noblemen and their wives who have ruled Ireland and Irish society for over seven hundred years by O'Mahony, Charles K.